Super Hot Mexican-Russian Woman!

Name: Irina

Age:  32

City: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)

ID#: 171987


So, I am not sure if Irina is Mexican, Russian, or Mexican-Russian, or maybe even Russian-Mexican, but does it really matter? This woman is HOT!

Now there are a lot of nice things I could say about this hot blonde – look at that fit body! But listen to how Irina writes about herself. She says she is, Kind, positive, friendly, out-going girl, love to travel, lead acive life style, exercise, cook. And that is all great.

Everyone wants a kind woman, but I would never consider dating a lady who did not consider herself to be positive no matter how hot she was. And it is awesome she likes to travel. I can look at her photos and see she is into exercise.

But the next part of her description is probably going to be music to your ears. She writes that she is a, Good listener, like to laugh and make other people laugh too. I don’t like to regreat about anything, only optimistic thoughts! I like to dream, set goals and achieve them.

In the last eight years I have written maybe 10,000 of these profile reviews and there was something about Irina that practically jumped off the page. She understands the importance of being a good listener. I cannot remember another woman in all of these profiles ever saying she was a good listener.

And listening skills can make and break a relationship.


Think about it. Irina is a woman who will listen to you when you complain about all of the crap at work or your crazy brother or your fantasy football team. Actually, no she probably won’t listen to your fantasy football issues and you probably don’t want to let her see your pain about tight ends. That you should probably keep to yourself, but it is nice to hears she is a listener and she has a sense of humor.

I know my readers. Most of you guys are good guys, but I also know all of you need a woman with a lot of patience and a little sense of humor.

If you think you are so perfect that you do not need a lady with some patience, then maybe you should not be pursuing a beautiful mail order bride. Some men need to work on their own life before they begin thinking about bringing a woman into their lives. Are you really ready for a mail order bride?

So, Irina’s profile is over at A Foreign Affair, one of our favorite sites, so check her out, and listen to your heart! Good Luck!