Sexy Natural Polish Beauty

Name: Diana
Age: 21

City: Gdańsk, Poland

ID#: 1946797
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)

Gorgeous and passionate Diana is a twenty-one year old student who lives in Gdańsk, in Poland.

A keen figure skater, Diana is very slim and fit at 5 ft 7 in tall and weighs just 101 lb despite her taste for pizza!

The first things you notice when you look at her are her brilliant smile and a cascade of straight black hair that falls to her waist.

She’s a beginner in English. She is a cute and bubbly lady who has posted no fewer than twenty-one photographs and a video of herself by way of introduction.

Diana looks fabulous in her mini skirt or showing off her long legs in a tight pair of denim shorts.

Diana has many interests. First off, I like cooking. I would like to cook for my future family very much. If you like the same as I like so maybe you are my destiny?

I really have a lot of different hobbies. I used to take classes in embroidery and needlework, cooking, dancing, gymnastics and many others. I like to change my hobbies very often. I am sure I will have many more different hobbies during my life.

She pauses and adds, I would love to share your hobby and do something together.

Ever since she was a little girl, Diana has dreamed of being a bride in a huge white meringue dress and then a happy and loving wife with lots of nice and smart children.

If someone invented a time machine, she confides, she wouldn’t be here in the twenty-first century at all. She would be away in the sixteenth century living the aristocratic life style of the times and wearing ball gowns.

But I love to dance to pop music, she tells us.

Diana would look unforgettable in any classical gown, dancing and jiving to her favourite bands beneath the minstrels’ gallery in her husband’s baronial hall.

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