Sexy Moldovan Girl

Name: Elena

Age:  32

City: Rîbniţa, Moldova

Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)

ID#: 40692


If a tall (5″7), blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty that is inspirational, knows how to live life, is philosophical, and what she wants out of life sounds good to you, then read on and get to know Elena.

Elena is very mature, insightful, and has a university education.

For any man looking for great conversation and inspiration, this is a great woman to prospectively begin a life with.

Elena also speaks good English, and although is not currently married or with children, does see this in her near future and wants to find the right man to create a family with.

Elena is also a Christian, so like-minded religious men or one that can see eye to eye with her would make the most sense.

Elena does not smoke or drink, and has an extravagant posture, with sexy, long beautiful blonde hair and a fine taste of class.

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She also considers herself to be a big people person, enjoys getting to know others, cultures, and is even very creative.

Elena considers herself an amateur artist and derives both great pleasure and energy from painting.

Elena is also very active in martial arts and sports, so you know she has great motivation, energy, and of course a sexy to sweeten the deal.

Elena also enjoys oriental dances, so if you have experience or an interest in this, or dancing in general then you could be a perfect match.

Also, if you have knowledge in or are interested in learning about eurhythmics then you will likely have a lot to talk about – and if nothing, a thing or two to learn along the way.

Finally, if you enjoy a woman that has a purpose, and expects you to know yours in the world then don’t hesitate to drop her a message.

Elena is looking for an inspiring, motivated man. So, you should know where you’re going in life, be stable, and know what you want out of both a relationship and woman.

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