Sexy Japanese Girl

Name: Asuka
Age: 22

City: Osaka, Japan

ID#: 01519161
Agency: Cherry Blossoms (Review)

Asuka is a super hot 22-year-old Japanese babe. Damn!  The headline is not lying: She is a sexy Japanese girl.  Maybe I should have called her a very sexy Japanese girl.

She says she is looking for a husband, but her English is not good.  Well, you probably never made better than a “C” in English anyhow.  She does say she smokes a little and that’s probably good, because if you smoke she probably won’t mind and if you don’t she probably would be happy to quit.

She says she is looking for a husband of any age, so if you graduated college before Pearl Harbor or haven’t graduated from high school yet Asuka is still potentially interested in you. And she’s so damn hot!

Anyhow, her profile is over at Cherry Blossoms one of the oldest and one of the best international dating agencies.  Check her out!

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