Sexy Dominican Student

Name: Yocasta

Age:  32

City: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Agency: BeHappy2Day (Review)

ID#: 29845

You know, I’m noticing that almost all these Dominican girls are open to older men. Yocasta here will consider dating a guy from 23-60. Not sure what that’s about, maybe maximizing her chances of meeting a good guy.

That’s the funny thing about the Dominican Republic, and a lot of islands in that part of the world: so many beautiful, hot girls live there that they become the hunters, competing for us, rather than the other way around, like in some of our home countries.

Yocasta’s is 32 but looks even younger. I guess the sun, sand, and surf keeps these girls naturally looking good. Since she’s still a student, you’ll have the chance to be her “mentor”. She’ll let you take on  these responsibilities if you fit her bill of “kind, sincere, loving, worker”.

To apply for the job, head over to Be Happy 2day and check out her photos and bio.