Sexy Dancer

Name: Marina
Age: 25

City: Moscow, Russia

ID#: 1938302
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)

Marina is everything a man could ask for.  And I mean everything.  A big city girl.  Highly educated.

Speaks two languages, doesn’t smoke, and will have the occasional social drink.

That and a smokin’ hot body, full lips, lovely long brown hair, and if that’s not enough, she’s a dancer.  We Westerner’s all love dancers.

Could be ballet, could be ballroom, could be country, but more often than not our minds go directly to pole dancer.

I’m sure if you asked Marina she would tell you.

unique slim Russian dancer

I am like an interesting book, thumb through my pages please.  Well by the looks of her profile pictures Marina’s an encyclopedia.

A good read as one would say.  All she wants is to be understood.  So, gentlemen, I advice you to study this woman.  You would be her hero.

Capricorn women choose their men wisely.  They choose them through much thought and very seldom make a mistake.

They are also very loyal and highly respectful towards her men.

Marina’s not interested in just another hot body.  She wants to know your soul, or, it’s no deal.

She’s not arm candy.  She holds her head high.  At 5’7” with heels that makes her almost 6’0” tall.

long-legged curvy Russian dancer

When was the last time you had the chance to sing karaoke with a woman like this?  Be honest.

I’ve never sang karaoke, but to win this woman, I would take lessons.

Marina is from Moscow.  Sixteen percent of all marriages registered in Moscow in the first ten months of 2017 were mixed.

Speak English and heads will turn they say.  Make your move.

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