Sexy Crimean Mail Order Bride

Name: Anna

Age:  21

City: Simferopol, Ukraine

Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)

ID#: 121807


Anna is a sexy 21-year-old Ukrainian girl.  Who is serious about finding a guy.

She’s also hot! Damn hot!

She has blue eyes and blond hair and I have always thought that was very sexy.  She is also 5’9 and I always have a real weakness for tall girls – sexy tall girls – athletic, sexy tall girls.  Well, Anna fits the bill.

She also seems like a very smart girl.  I mean very smart.  She writes, I am sure that no one is perfect and I am very tolerant to other’s mistakes

Dude, she obviously already met you!

Heck, that is music to the ears of EVERY man in the history of the world from Casanova and Wilt Chamberlain to the geekiest guy in the IT department.

OK, the geekiest guy in the IT department has never ACTUALLY talked to a woman, but in his dreams this is ideal.

(I am going to get a lot of very angry, but grammatically correct emails over that little joke.  This is humor. OK, I know you dudes in IT are all P-L-A-Y-A-S!)

Anna is another example of why Ukrainian girls get, so much attention, because they are hot AND well educated.  They know how to take care of themselves and they come from a country where most of the men have drank themselves into oblivion before noon.

That’s one reason why, despite the occasional lurid news report, that some researchers believe that marriages arranged through mail order bride agencies might even last longer than average.

Anna certainly seems like a smart, realistic girl, and all she wants is to… know that we have a real family and are ready to spend all our free time together.

As long as “OUR” free time includes a lot of college football and action movies she is a catch!

Check her out over at A Foreign Affair which is one of our favorite International dating agencies her at International Love Scout.

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