Sexy China Doll

Name: Wei

Age:  19

City: Changsha, China

Agency: AsianDate (Review)

ID#: 1167013


sexy Chinese doll

There are so many hot Asian girls with profiles on the various International dating sites – but Wei here is SO hot that she stands out!

You really need to check out her additional photos on her profile over at AsianDate. I’m not sure if she had a professional photographer or what but she’s got one of the nicest portfolio of shots I’ve seen on that site, and that’s saying a lot.

She’s only 19 so I’m sure you can grow with her and teach her a lot about the world. The good news is she has that open, curious streak that young girls have just by the nature of their youth. I’ve noticed that a lot of the girls who come from this part of China, the Changsha region, have a really open and broad outlook on the world.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Changsha’s an international port and industrial, though beautiful, part of China.

Another beautiful thing about most Asian girls this age is that they haven’t been spoiled by the smell of money yet. Listen to what she says about that: “He maybe not that rich, but have a clean pure heart.”

That’s refreshing for those of us who aren’t all millionaires, right?  My bank account may not be that heavy but my heart’s pure as the driven snow!

Wei’s active and athletic too. She says she likes the beach, the ocean and hiking. She’s not asking for the world so any of you out there who match her age preference, 22-42, probably could make a favorable impression.

Check her out at AsianDate.

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