The Perfect Russian Date?

Name: Olga

Age:  26

City: Kazan, Russia

Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)

ID#: 109471


DAMN! Olga may just be the perfect Russian woman and she is smart enought to know this. She is a lean 5’9 with exotic looks, but she also seems smart, funny, and spunky.

She writes that she is, “Perfect woman, for the right man.”

If you think about that for a moment you realize that it is right.

Now, you may not be the right man, and in fact the right man may have never lived, but she is the perfect woman for the right man.

She describes herself as,Sense of humor above average. Angel looks, but have a little daredevil living inside me. Mischievous, creative, fun. Straight-forward, not shy.

Well, she certainly sounds fun, but she also understands men, and, in fact, you may be the perfect guy for her, because she writes…

A real man should be strong, hairy, smelly and look a little better than a monkey.”

Dude, that is you!

Well, actually it probably describes 90% of the guys that visit this site, but at least Olga is realistic about men.

If you can just raise your game a little you might have a shot.

Olga’s profile is over at A Foreign Affair, one of our favorite agencies.

Check her out!

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