Perfect Dominican Student

Name: Ana Hilda

Age:  22

City: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

ID#: 115232024


Alright, my good man, we have a rarity here on Amolatina: a Libran.

I’m a Libran myself and could go on at length extolling our virtues, but I’ll spare you. I guess most of us are so charming and charismatic that we get scooped up before we even get to a dating site. Somehow Ana slipped through the cracks which is great, good fortune for anybody looking for a great Dominican girlfriend.

The one thing that all Librans possess, and I can see that Ana does too, is a big warm smile. It comes from our ingrained optimism and love of life. I’d tell you to go to her profile and check out her smile but I’m afraid you might get distracted checking out other obvious attributes.

She’s only 22, a university graduate, and the closest thing I’ve seen to perfection this week. Any of you from 25-55 is invited to her party.

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