Most Beautiful Brazilian Women

Name: Kenia Jully

Age:  24

City: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

ID#: 122845524


So what do you get when you mix beauty, youth, and Brazil? Just another day in Belo Horizonte; no big deal. Well, OK, if you live in Brazil, that may be true.

But, if you’re not a native “Beagian”, or Belo Horizonte native, you just might find your eyes turning to watch that last beautiful girl that just walked by.

But, give yourself a day or two in Brazil’s third largest city, and you’ll begin to understand it’s just business as usual as one beauty after another parades by.

They say the most beautiful Brazilian women come from Minas Gerais, the state BH is located in.

24 year old Kenia Jully does nothing to dispute that claim. At 5’6″ and 58 kg, she’s a class one Brazilian national treasure, and is definitely more than just a pretty face, regardless of the impression you get from her large portfolio of pics.

She’s a nurse, lists College as her education level and is seriously seeking a kind, honest and loyal man.

If you want to know more about this very sexy Belo Horizonte girl, head over to Amolatina and you’ll get the full picture.

Can a man in his 40’s 50’s or beyond really date a 24 year old girl like Kenia Jully? If you are interested in dating younger women you might want to check out THIS ARTICLE, it might put some things into perspective.

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