Mexican Dating Adventure

Name: Irina
ID#: 157808
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)
Age: 29

City: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Kids: No

Occupation: Guide
Religion: Christian
English Level: Excellent
Languages: German (good), Spanish (good), Russian (native)
Archetypes: Cute & Sweet,

When you went searching for Mexican women to meet and chat with online, you probably didn’t expect to come across a blue-eyed blonde, named Irina, did you?

Well that’s okay because most guys would have the same expectations to be fair.

Irina just happens to live and work in Playa del Carmen, but as you can see from her picture she’s not Mexican, but that just adds some variety to your online dating adventures.

This stunning woman is 29 years of age, works as a guide, and stays in shape by swimming, cycling, skiing and riding horses.

On top of being very active, Irina is also very smart – she speaks several language including Spanish and Russian.

Her English is excellent too, so you won’t have any issues chatting with each other online or offline.

Irina’s written English is actually better than most people who claim to speak and read English as their native language.

Her friends would tell you that Irina has a heart to match her mind, because she’s always looking for ways to help people from all walks of life.

Thanks to her Eastern heritage, she’s very direct, but that means you’re never going to have to worry about her lying to you – she’d prefer to get in trouble for telling the truth, than avoid trouble by telling a lie.

If you’re like most American and European guys the idea of being able to date a woman who won’t actively lie to you is something that’s hard to pass up on – it’s a very rare thing.

Irina has a strong bond with all kinds of animals, but the ones closest to her heart are cats and horses.

One thing to note here is that she’s not even the tiniest bit religious, so if you have strong religious beliefs she’s not going to be interested in hearing about them.

She’s looking for a guy with a similar outlook on life, and a similar desire to travel and explore the world – discovering new countries and cultures together.

Irina wants to build a relationship to last forever, and not just fall in love at first sight and hope that it all works out somehow.

Players don’t stand a chance with her, but guys with big minds and big hearts should definitely get in touch with Irina today.

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