Kazak Mystery Woman

Name: Saida

Age:  22

City: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)

ID#: 1762892

If you’re not a fan of astronomy then you probably won’t know that Kazakhstan is the location of the Baikonur Cosmodrome – the hub of the Russian space program.

How is that information relevant to Saida’s profile?

Well because this 22 year old has the kind of looks that will make you question if she’s from planet Earth, or if she came straight down from the heavens above.

Don’t believe us? In that case just take a look at a few of her profile pictures – with her long dark hair, brown eyes and seductive smile this mysterious Eurasian beauty would look right at home in the next James Bond movie.

Man, I love Bond Girls!

Saida shared that she always dreamed of being a model when she was younger, but we think that goal is well within her reach now if she really wanted to go after it.

What she actually wants though is to find the love of her life, and to start a family with him.

Saida already works as an architect, so you know she takes education seriously, and with her looks you’ll never doubt your decision to whisk this young woman away for a night of romance.

When Saida isn’t busy working, she likes to stay in shape by swimming as often as she can, but she also loves playing tennis.

In her spare time she loves showing off her cooking skills, something she’s very proud of.

After all, food can be as sensual an experience as almost anything else – it just depends on the company.

Please be aware that if you’re not a family-oriented guy then you’re looking at the wrong profile.

Saida needs a guy who wants to start a family, but who’s also strong enough to take care of that family no matter what. Somebody who can take of business when that’s called for.

Where does Said see herself in 10 years time? Living happily ever after with you, of course!