Hot Manila Student

Name: Scarlet

Age:  25

City: Cherry Blossoms, Philippines

Agency: Cherry Blossoms (Review)

ID#: 02722117

Note: To view Scarlet’s Profile at Cherry Blossoms – you will need to copy her User ID (02722117) to your clipboard and paste it into the search box at the top right of Cherry Blossom’s site.

Scarlet didn’t give me much to go on here, just the barest of details, guys.

That’s better sometimes because it lets us build an image that will be proven right or wrong as we get to know these girls. So, let me just go on the little info I have and play clairvoyant based on her photo, OK?

Well, I sense the typical Filipina coyness and sweetness in her big black eyes. Don’t you love that? And I also detect a bit of a big city Manila stylishness, with the scarf, the ruffled red blouse and just her pose in general.

She’s only 25, still a student, and “simple as I can be”, to quote her defining online statement.

That’s it: cute, coy, simple. Sometimes, brevity trumps verbosity. Head on over to Cherry Blossoms and see more visual, very confirming proof of her beauty.

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