Cute Cambodian Girl

Name: Shoh

Age:  28

City: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Agency: AsianDate (Review)

ID#: 1333506


Cambodian cutie standing in front of the car

I am pleased to tell you something about me. Being a sales woman at present , I work very hard to do some preparation to my good future. Maybe you don’t know I am a traditional woman. For example, I am soft and kind-hearted. I never lose my temper no matter how many troubles I meet. I just keep calm and everything goes well normally. I am easy-going, I can be moved by a little motion.

Besides, I am not only a traditional woman but also a modern one. I know how to keep my love be fresh. You may receive a big surprise after you have a hard day of work. Believe me, I am tradition but I am not normal. I can bring you happiness.

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