Chicas Colombianas

Name: Katherin

Age:  29

City: Manizales, Colombia

Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

ID#: 23481406231


Oh, no, a beauty from Manizales. I mean a real brunette beauty from Manizales.

And it brings back a hard memory: I had my heart broken (cue the music, darken the sky) by a wonderful, fun, beautiful Paisa from Manizales. Well, the good news is that we had six wonderful months before the train wreck.

And hard as it is to think about her, I have to say girls from that part of Colombia are viewed by Colombian men as the most beautiful in the country.

And they aren’t wrong. My Claudia was a beautiful blonde unlike Katherin here. The Spaniards loved this part of Colombia and their genes still show prominently in the beautiful Chicas Colombianas from this region.

But you get more than just beauty; you get girls with confidence, dignity, and pride. Katherin describes her character as, I’m an easy-going and open-minded person.  She goes on and explains that, I like to make people around me happy and bring a smile to their faces.

You can put away your first world preconceptions that beautiful girls are snooty or stuck up. It just doesn’t work that way in Colombia. A beauty like Katherin here is just as accessible as any ordinary girl.

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