Belarus Blond

Name: Tatiana

Age:  25

City: Minsk, Belarus

Agency: A Foreign Affair (Review)

ID#: 117186


Tatiana is a hot, talented Belarus blond. She says she speaks excellent English and fair Spanish and German; that pretty well means this is no dumb blond.

She says that she is energetic, stylish, hardworking, realistic, romantic, sensitive, determined, conservative, caring, honest, fun-loving, trustworthy and intelligent, and I believe every word she says.

However, you should remember that I believe almost everything a pretty girl says to me, so I’m probably not the best guy to look for wholes in this beautiful young lady’s story. I’m just a sucker.

No, I’m not stupid. I simply try to think the best of people, but it does sometimes cause me a lot of trouble.

Tatiana certainly seems to stay busy, because besides her language skills her hobbies include: Dancing, sports, theatre, cinema, cooking, nature, literature, fashion, computer, music, art, photo, driving, and that’s enough to keep anyone’s schedule pretty full.

And she’s hot. It takes a hot girl to pull off the leopard spotted hat. It is a little much, but I don’t think most guys would complain. If you want to complain about her fashion sense you might be on the wrong web site, Buddy.

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