Beautiful Costa Rican Woman

Name: Paola
Age: 33

City: San José, Costa Rica

ID#: 118041024
Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

Sometimes, guys, I’m tempted to write no description other than “PLEASE SEE PICTURES”.

Why? Well, because when the photos are as excellent as Paola’s are, my words could only detract. Yes, even Hemingway would have had a hard time adding anything of note to these photos.

But, no, I will search for something to say. OK, I’ve got it. When I pulled myself away, I noticed that this Fina is a Scorpion. I should have known. When a woman presents this well in photos, odds are at least 50% she’s a Scorpio. And the poses prove to me that Paola’s drawn the best of Scorpio’s charms: sexy, sensual, teasing.

But, just one word of warning, Scorpios also are the most jealous women of the astrological charts. So, if you want a “loving, nice girl, outside and inside with many dreams and ambitions”, you better treat her well and curb any wandering eye you may have.

Scorpions, even the most gentle of the lot, just don’t put up with that. Anyway, I insist that EVERY ONE of you checks out this beautiful Costa Rican woman.

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