Beautiful Blonde

Name: Valentina
Age: 19

City: Kiev, Ukraine

ID#: 1929400
Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)

So, guys this is Valentina.  She’s from Belarus and she is hot.

She’s another example of the sort of stunners that you have a shot at in Eastern Europe.

Wow! Wow! Wow, but she’s hot, a regular Belarussian babe!

sexy hot Belarussian girl

She says she’s kind and I believe her.

She writes, Kindness, willingness to help others is very evident in my character. I cannot remain indifferent to someone else’s trouble.

That sense of compassion is so important.  She goes on and explains that, I am Frank, direct, faithful, affable.

She is also very modest.  She writes: I’m not so beautiful…  What?  That is blasphemy!  This is a hot, hot blonde!

She is more or less a Slavic Supergirl.  Come on!  Perhaps she is blind I am not sure, but this is a hot – hot young thing.

Look at her photos.  This woman is sexy!

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