Attractive Accountant

Name: Annia Magela

Age:  23

City: Havana, Cuba

Agency: AmoLatina (Review)

ID#: 123289524


Beautiful, hot body, sexy legs, and that gorgeous dark skin describes Annia very accurately. Add some smarts that she obviously has after graduating university to become an accountant, and Miss Magela is quite a catch for some lucky guy.

If you’re a caring and loving man, look after yourself physically and have some romance in your heart, then you could do a lot worse than make a connection with this lovely young lady.

Annia lives in the country’s capital, Havana, and if you’re visiting her there, then a tour of the historical aspects of the city would make a great few days of dating. There’re a couple of million people residing in the city, so it’s certainly no hick, country town.

The city has a mixture of modern themes, music and fashion to go alongside the old historic buildings and cultural areas of the country. If you thought Havana means just those aromatic, fat cigars, then look again.

Check out the Museum of Revolution and the Morro Castle. The latter would be an ideal romantic dating trip. Show Annia that you might just be her knight in shining armour.

She is sociable and likes meeting people, so daily walks around the city’s historic spots can be mixed with some great nights out at the local restaurants and clubs and bars.

Havana is divided into Old and New, and a romantic walk along the Malecon will give you an idea of the grandeur that existed all those years ago. Old decaying buildings on one side and the beaches and ocean on the other.

Truly amazing, just like the young lady holding your hand and walking beside you. Because Annia loves to cook, don’t be surprised if she suggests a stay at home dinner during which she can prepare you a traditional Cuban meal.

You might not find black beans and rice much to your liking, but the ‘Moros y Cristianos’ is a favourite of the locals.

If an evening at home with Annia turns your like into love, and the thought of having her to yourself long term appeals, then go ahead and make contact with her through the dating site. You have mail, email, video chat, and you might want to show initial interest with an online gift as well.

I don’t know about you, but the mere idea of having such a Cuban beauty on my arm is a hot one!

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