A Diamond or a Flower?

Name: Tatyana

Age:  28

City: Kharkov, Ukraine

Agency: AnastasiaDate (Review)

ID#: 1754104


Wow! Tatyana is one of those girls.

Look at her sitting there in that evening gown she looks so beautiful, classy, and elegant.  Sometimes a stunning Ukrainian mail order bride will really throw you for a loop, because she is smart, sweet, and so damn HOT!

This lady rocks and her profile makes it clear she has a real philosophical bent.  She writes that…

…a woman is like a diamond or a flower. She has many different petals or facets, which shine brightly and genuinely: tenderness, care, passion, romance, intelligence and femininity.

I can’t disagree with that.  This lady has a lot of parts and they are all right where they are supposed to be.


She is a beautiful girl, but here is another aspect to who she is.  Tatyana is an engineer.  She doesn’t say what kind of an engineer, but that doesn’t matter much.

This means she is smart, focused, and much more employable than a lot of ladies trying to make the move as mail order brides.

That’s not saying you might not have the money to support her like a princess.  I hope you do, but if she wants a job she can probably get one and that is of course a good thing.

But as an engineer, and a very hot engineer at that, she also might be able to help you tune up your car and she probably has some good computer skills.

Basically, she’s a geek – a very hot Geek.  After all only a geek could write…

My green eyes are two bottomless oceans of love. My heart is red rose and my soul is soulful oasis that waits its lonely ranger to find passion and happiness in it.

That is pure geek girl.  It is also very sweet, but I know that a lot of guys who visit my site are geeks too, so you better move after her quick.  She’s not the only hot geek we have on the site, but they tend to go FAST!

Also, I know that Tatyana’s photos are not as BOOM – over the top as some of the super-hot bikini models we have here at International Love Scout, but this woman is truly beautiful and I bet somewhere under those modest dresses is a super tight bikini body.

Take it from me this chick is hot.  She might be dressed like a four door sedan, but what she’s got under the hood will blow you away! That’s a promise!

It’s not just my promise.  It’s Tatyana’s promise.  She writes…I do my best to look great even when I wake up in the morning))) I stay in a great shape. So, be sure I could impress you 😉

Now, that’s a super power!  She is hot 24/7/365!

And an engineer, she’s a geek… a sweet, gorgeous geek!

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