Guys Who Should NOT Pursue Foreign Brides

Yes, we offer a lot of interesting information about international dating and the so-called "mail order bride" industry. It's our business, but we also believe that it is often a great solution for men from the United States, the European Union, and other Western countries looking for mates.

And, just as importantly, a lifesaver for many women around the world who are not happy with the marriage options available to them in their country of origins.

BUT there are guys that we DO NOT encourage in pursuing a foreign bride. In fact, we are actively discouraging the following groups of men from pursuing international dating, because these guys often hurt themselves and the women who become involved with them.

The vast majority of visitors to ILS do not fall into any of the following categories, but you might take a look if you are unsure.

First, if you just broke up from your previous relationship in the last month or so give yourself a little more time to get your head on straight. You might want to do some free sign ups and checkout the photos and do a bit of research, but resist the urge to really jump in for a while.

You don't want to make a bad decision, because you're on the rebound, so wait a while. Give yourself time for a little self-reflection.

Second, if you think all women from your home country are "bitches" don't pursue a foreign bride or any other woman for that matter! Yes, there are cultural differences that make foreign women attractive to a lot of men, but ultimately women are women.

If you can't stand American women or British women or whatever - you will eventually have problems with women from any other country too.

Third, if you really think you are "buying" a mail order bride you need to re-think everything. You can't simply buy a wife legally - not anywhere in the Western world. All of the web sites that we represent are dating websites. They help you connect with foreign women, but that is it. This is about romance - not slavery - and if you don't understand that please do not use our website.

Fourth, if you are a congenital liar. Don't screw up the life of another woman. That's blunt, but it's the truth and you know who you are. If you can't be honest with a woman about your finances, lifestyle, and previous relationships you really need to stop and look at your life again. You probably have never been happy and you are only going to mess up some girl's life. So, just don't do it.

Fifth, if you are not financially stable don't pursue a foreign bride. Of course, people will differ about what it takes to be financially stable. Some guys are not going to be happy unless they are making $300,000 a year and other guys feel stable on $30,000 a year.

Sixth, many Western nations have VISA restrictions for men. If you are an American man you need to Read This Guide to Fiancée VISA’s, particularly if you have been arrested, divorced, or filed bankruptcy.}

A lot of that depends on where you live and what your lifestyle is like. However, if you don't feel OK about your finances you don't need to bring a foreign bride into your life.

Obviously, no one is perfect and no one expects you to be perfect, but you should be honest with yourself and work to overcome the challenges in your life before you begin pursuing a foreign bride.

We have a lot of information to support these points in various resources on our site, such as: The Truth About Mail Order Brides and our Agency Testimonials page.