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Romance Tour Primer

What Is A Romance Tour?

For most guys the easiest way to travel to Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia and get the opportunity to meet lots of single women who are interested in dating Western men is to sign up for a romance tour.

Essentially, romance tours take the hassles out of traveling to a not quite first world country like Ukraine, Colombia, or the Philippines for men interested in pursuing mail order brides.  The tour company usually arranges for airfare, ground transportation, food, hotel, and local guides.  In that respect romance tours are exactly the same as tours of French Cathedrals or World War II battlefields.

The difference is that instead of getting amped over stained glass or rusty tanks the men on romance tour want to see long legs, sweet smiles, and lots of pretty young women curious about the possibility of dating a man from the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, or another developed country.

The highlight of the tours are the socials where pretty single girls from the local area come to a dinner party to meet the men.  Sometimes hundreds of potential mail order brides will show up.  Some are curious, some are serious, but for a girl in Kiev, Bogota, or Manila it is something fun, interesting, and cheap to do in the evening. 

For the men the social are often simply AMAZING! 

Men simply can't believe what it is like to have hundreds of beautiful women competing to meet them.  That's what makes the socials so unique and often convinces seasoned travelers who have the language skills and money to travel on their own to take a romance tour instead, because unless you are a rock star you aren't going to have dozens of single women vying to talk to you. 

That's simple fact is why romance tours rock!

You can also take an individual tour.  On those the company arranges essentially a series of dates, often with women the guy has already contacted online.  They are not as popular, probably because guys miss the unique experience of having dozens of beautiful women vying for their attention.

It is an alluring idea.

A Foreign Affair Tours

All of the large mail order bride companies including Elena's Models, Anastasia, Amolatina, Asian Beauties, and Be Happy Today all offer romance tours, but here at International Love Scout we actually recommend A Foreign Affair

Here is how they explain their system for meeting beautiful women.

As you can see from the video these guys know what they are doing.

A Foreign Affair is the oldest and biggest romance tour operator in the world. and their tours generally receive very high reviews.  They offer full romance tour packages, including airfare, ground transportation, hotel, and food, in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, so they pretty well cover the world.  Most importantly, their tours generally receive VERY high reviews from customers.

We used to try to keep up with all of the tour companies, but there were so many different schedules, dates, and packages that it was difficult to keep up with. 

Finally, we decided we should just focus on one company, so we decided to focus the industry leader, A Foreign Affair.

Other Tour Companies

Now, although we are really only going to cover A Foreign Affairs tours in depth, don't take this as a criticism of Anastasia, BeHappy, Elena's Models, or any other company, because we have almost never come across a negative review of the tours from ANY tour companies. 

No joke!

Apparently, the secret to great customer service is lots of beautiful women.  Really, I believe that most of the tour companies do manage to get a lot of beautiful women to show up at the socials and I'm sure the transportation food and lodging is contracted to reputable professionals and it seems to go fairly smooth. Or maybe, the guys are so stunned over the hot women they that they don't care if the food is cold, the bus is late, and the hotel is dirty.

Really, the track record of romance tour companies is almost too good to be true, so do your own research and decide which company to use.  

We like A Foreign Affair, because they have such a great track record, but all of these companies have a strong economic incentive to deliver great service.  In fact, a cynic would probably say that the main reason for the outstanding reputation of romance tour is not sex appeal or romantic violins, but simple economic. 

As we state on our Frequently Asked Questions Page, according to some insiders these companies actually make more money off of planning tours than they do off of selling contact information.  Think about it:  It takes a lot of memberships or addresses to equal the one or two thousand dollars in profit that these companies can earn on each tour they sell.

So, A Foreign Affair and these other tour companies move mountains to make sure that their clients have a great time. 

Why Book A Romance Tour?

If you are really an experienced international traveler, perhaps you can make the trip on you own, but these companies know how to work through the potential problems that can occur on a romance tour, because they have conducted literally thousands of tours for men in the past. They know how to deal with the local customs, police, and hotel service. They know which neighborhoods are safe and generally they provide their clients with food, transportation, and lodging.

From the reviews that they post it's obvious that most of the romance tour clients are happy not to have to wonder if the local cab drivers are ripping them off, because that gives them more time to focus on the women. And apparently these agencies usually do manage to succeed, especially on the Russian tours, Ukrainian tours, and Colombian tours, which get almost universally high marks.

All of these agencies know that they are dealing with internet savvy customers and they know that if they don't deliver a great experience that the men will come back and roast them on websites, blogs, message boards, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else.
You can find a few negative reviews if you really search, but you have to really search and often these reviews complain about things beyond the control of the dating agency, like the weather and airport delays.

I don't think I would be comfortable on a group tour

This is a common concern of guys and on some level it makes a lot of sense.  Group tours of any sort seem inherently uncool and sort of cheesy and unauthentic.  Americans in particular like to go where we want, when we want, and generally hate being told what to do. 

However, even if money is not an issue and you don't generally dig group tours you still may want to consider a group tour for several reasons:

  • If you go on an individual romance tour YOU are the star.  There is no place to hide or stay in the background and assess the situation.  You are front and center all of the time and any ladies you meet know that and a lot of guys feel like they are under a microscope.
  • You actually will almost always have the opportunity to meet MORE women on a group tour than you would on an individual tours, because the companies hold mixers and other events where you can literally meet hundreds of women at once, whereas on an individual tour you generally go on a series of blind dates, sometimes with women you have previously contacted online.
  • Generally, a real sense of camaraderie develops among the guys in the group, because you will probably have a lot in common.  Most of the men on these tours are pretty successful in life and they tend to see the tour as an adventure and maybe a little funny.  Also, it gives you some one in a very similar position to discuss life, romance, and everything with.

The real strength of the individual tours is that you can go almost whenever you want to go. If you have your passport and visa most of the agencies could probably set something up in seventy-two hours. So, the flexibility is nice.

For men that do not have a particular lady in mind the agencies will set a guy up for three or four dates a day until he does meet the right lady and since these agencies usually have a personal relationship with the women they represent, they often have an  idea of who might hit it off together.

Some men like individual tours better, because they do not want to feel like they are in competition with the other guys on the tours.  In fact, for some men that is what they hate about the whole Western dating scene, so individual tours are often very attractive to these men.

Finally, if you enjoy being treated like a true VIP an individual tour, particularly a high end VIP or Executive Tour, would probably be something that you would really enjoy.

But I am Already Signed up with Another Company!

There is absolutely nothing that says you have to use the services of one company.  So, even if you are signed up to contact women through A Pretty Woman, Elena's Models, or RussiAmore  there is also nothing to prevent taking a Foreign Affair tour.

Controlling Cost

Cost is of course always important, so compare trips accommodations, and services, and don't be afraid to haggle.  Just mentioning Anastasia to the Foreign Affair agent might get you a discount or perhaps an extra day added to your trip, so if money is an issue for you haggle.

This is a competitive industry, so don't be afraid to ask for a deal.

What to Expect on a Romance Tour

However, it is important to note that none of these tours can actually guarantee you will find love.

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