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Sexy Manila Angel

Name: Analeah
Age: 22
City: Manila, Philippines
Agency: Cherry Blossoms (Read Our Review)
ID#: C01277980

So, why did I title Analeah's profile as "angel"? Well, take a look at that baby face, big open and trusting eyes, and her words and tell me I'm wrong.

Listen to her sweet, melt-in-your-mouth words: "Hi there! I hope to find someone true. I'm still young but my mind and heart really knows what really love is. Thanks for viewing my profile and good luck to all".

So, how often do we see such unguarded and sincere words as these? I read a lot of profiles in a day, believe me; and this one stands out as one of the few today that reached in and patted my heart. 

So, Angel, it is. She's only 22, and it looks like she's a Leyte girl who has come to the big smoke, Manila, to make her mark. 

Are you a veteran with Filipinas? If so, you don't need to listen to my advice to newcomers to Filipina girls: I just sense this one's really for real, really, really.

Head over to Cherry Blossoms, and you'll see what I mean, really, really.

Profile Updated: 01/10/2014
Tags: Cute
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