Another Beautiful Colombian Model

Name: Yennifer
Age: 28
City: Florencia, Colombia
Agency: Amolatina (Read Our Review)
ID#: 117183624

What can you say about a woman who has long black hair, green eyes and is tall and leggy with a glorious body? Beautiful seems a rather inadequate word for this Colombian model, Yennifer.

Maybe we should be creating some more suitable descriptive words for women like this. How about ‘deluscious’? Yes, we just made that up but it seems rather fitting doesn’t it?

This sweet looking young lady is just 28, never been married and she can speak a little English, which is going to help a lot chatting with her.

Yennifer enjoys many things in life such as listening to music, reading and relaxing at home.

She needs a man in her life and that man might just be you, but you won’t achieve a change in your life without taking some action.

Are you the type of guy that ogles the women on dating sites like this but never has the confidence to initiate a conversation?

Maybe you’re 50 plus and feel that a woman as beautiful as Yennifer would not even consider someone like you.

Think again. There are many men around the world moving away from their local girls to start relationships with younger women in different countries.

You might be surprised at just how many guys are now in loving partnerships with what started out as the women of their dreams.

The first step is always the hardest. Get to know the lady in question with a simple letter or email to get the ball rolling.

Check out her interests to see what your common ground is. She likes the movie Titanic, which is a bit old, and enjoys listening to rock music.

There’s a start. If you’ve never travelled far from home, then a trip to Colombia is probably going to blow your mind.

Just remember your country’s currency is a lot stronger than that of the country you visit. So things will be a lot cheaper.

If you think Yennifer is the one for you, then do something about it.


Profile Updated: 02/08/2017