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So, You Want a Latin Girlfriend or Wife?

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Of course the reputation of hot Latin women for sex appeal, beauty, and charm has long made them popular in Hollywood.  It's easy to see why.  Salma Hayek, Sofi­a Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Pennelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, and Eva Mendes are just a few of the many, many beautiful Latin women that have made it as Hollywood actresses. 

Even Rita Hayworth, the original love goddess, was born Margarita Carmen Cansino.

You think Latin girls are hot, but you really don't know where to start searching for your Latin girlfriend.  You are worried about the language barrier and which dating site to use and whether it is really worth it to take a Latin romance tour.

First, the answer to the romance tour question is pretty simple: Yes.  Most guys who take the romance tours offered by A Foreign Affair or another agencies seem to be pretty happy with their experience.

Now, back to question number one.  Where do you start if you want to meet Beautiful Latin women? Well, it is really not that complicated.  Now you can meet Latin babes online and in person without risking your health or finances.  Even better these are all women that have signed up to be Latina brides, so they are single and serious about meeting men from the US, the EU, and other Western countries.

Why Latin Dating is So Popular

In recent years Latina brides have become very significant players on the international dating scene.  Here are just a few of the reasons:


One of the main reasons so many men (especially for men from the US or Canada) have turned to Latin dating is that it is often cheaper to visit sexy Latin ladies, than it is to travel to Russia, the Ukraine, or another one of the international dating mecas

For men from the United States it is easy to get a non-stop flight to almost anywhere in Central and South America, which means that in less than twelve hours you could be visiting with charming Colombian women, cute Costa Rican girls, or various other hot Latinas.

You've got to admit that's an intriguing notion and it beats flying to Burbank or Boise.  Guys from Canada and the EU can easily visit Cuba, which is great for them because the "Pearl of the Antilles" is still mostly off limits for American guys.


Another attraction is that a lot of guys believe that the language barrier will be easier to overcome in Latin America. Today many Americans speak at least a smattering of Spanish, though usually not as well as they think they do, and that makes sexy Latin girls more appealing for many men. 

However, you should remember that Latina brides are less likely than Russian or Ukrainian women to have any formal English education, so if you do decide to make a play for a pretty Latin bride brush up on your Spanish first.

There are a lot of great language learning programs, so buy one of them and brush up on your high school Spanish before you make the trip.  It will just make things easier. Of course, if you are thinking about Brazil you should remember that they speak Portuguese in Brazil, but the same rule applies: Try to learn the language. 

Really, the best reason to try to learn the language is it shows your Latin lady that you are making the effort for her. Yes, it is not absolutely critical.  You can probably get by with digital audio translators and so on, but the idea is to do more than simply get by.

The idea is to really show yourself in the best light possible and not to look like some boorish foreign guy who thinks he can roll into Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, or another Latin American country and marry the most beautiful girl in the world.

A Great Place to Visit

If you meet a Latin girl on one of the various Latin Dating sites, and become involved in an online romance, you will eventually want to take the relationship to the next level.  This usually means meeting your potential Latin bride in person. Can you think of a better place to spend your 2 week vacation than some exotic beach in Brazil or Costa Rica? I sure can't.

Latin Weather Warning
Remember that south of the equator the coldest part of winter is in July and August, so if you decide to visit a girl in Argentina, Chile, or Uruguay in the middle of the summer you should pack a coat.

The weather across much of Latin America is also part of the reason for the growth of Latin dating, because it is generally warm and appealing nearly year round. You really don't have to plan around the weather if you want to visit a Latin girl. 

On the other hand, if you have struck up a romance with a Russian or Ukrainian women, and want to visit her in her hometown, you have a much shorter window of good weather, basically from May through September.

So, it is easy to travel down from the blizzard in Chicago or New York in the morning and be partying with Latin bikini babes in the afternoon.  I can't speak for anyone else, but for me beautiful Latinas beat hot coco any time. 

The Truth about Latin Mail Order Brides

Remember, there is really no such thing as a Latin mail order bride in the sense the crazy feminist believe.  You cannot legally buy another human being, if that's your thing then please find another website - and get some professional help! The idea here at International Love Scout is to meet and romance beautiful girls from Latin America and as you will see - it is really not that hard.

Hot Latina Bikini Contest - Watch It, Dude!

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