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Name: Irina
Age: 28
City: Kherson, Ukraine
Agency: BeHappy2Day (Read Our Review)
ID#: 38914

Come and meet Irina, a Ukrainian beauty from the city of Kherson, a lovely city of about 300,000 that nestles on the Dneiper River.

Her long black hair, long legs and beautiful brown eyes are dangerous man traps, so if you’re going to make contact with her, be prepared for a long term relationship.

Divorced and just 28 years old, she is looking for a tall, dark and handsome man to whisk her away to a new life.

Just think of yourself walking arm in arm with this gorgeous gal through your home town streets. I am sure everybody will be looking at you. Well, more likely looking at her!

Irina does speak a little English so your chances to communicate with her should be done on live chat and video. That way you get to appreciate just how stunning she looks.

She loves the outdoors so she is sure to be the centre of attention at your backyard BBQ with your friends back home! You can snuggle up with a romantic evening of watching a movie with Irina.

As she plays the piano you might think about investing in a baby grand! If you’re her type of guy, love to travel, the outdoors and have a romantic streak dying to be released, then contact this beautiful young lady and start a relationship.

She enjoys life and who better to do that with than you. And no, you don’t have to be tall, dark and handsome. She wants an interesting man. You can be that for her, right?

Profile Updated: 03/28/2016