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Blonde Bombshell

Name: Marina
Age: 23
City: Odessa, Ukraine
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 170073

They say that sometimes pictures speak louder than words, and I think we can all agree that this is definately one of those times!

This is the beautiful and charming Marina. She's a 23 year old Manager from Odessa Ukraine and she is heart attack hot!

Maybe I read too many Marvel comics as a kid, but whenever I see a well endowed woman in a leather outfit I immediately think she would make a great Super Villain.  

hot female supervillain

That's Black Cat for those of you who aren't up on your Spider Man comics.  

I think Marina and Black Cat have the same costume designer! 

Anyway - back to Marina...

In her dating profile ove at A Foreign Affair this Blonde Bombshell describes herself as...

...communicative, kind, honest, very romantic, friendly and lovely lady

And here is what she is looking for in a man...

I'm looking for a serious, intelligent man, a real gentleman who knows how to win a woman's heart and respect. Age and looks are not so important but personal charm and self-confidence!

That last part about age and looks not being so important is pretty common when dealing with girls from the Ukraine and it is one of the main reasons why Odessa has become a Meca for Western men seeking foreign girls for marriage.

Marina has her dating profile (and more pictures) up over at A Foreign Affair. I highly recommend that you check her out!

Profile Updated: 08/08/2017