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Date a Russian Sports Girl

Name: Olesya
Age: 26
City: St. Petersburg, Russia
Agency: Anastasia (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1835316

Okay, if you’re somewhat overweight, not very fit, you watch sport with a burger in one hand a beer in the other and you’re idea of exercise is making 2 consecutive calls on your smart phone, this may not be the woman for you.

Then again, it sounds like you’re heading to an early grave, so maybe she IS the girl for you. Olesya will help you change your diet, get you working out, lose weight and put you on the road to good health.

The worse that can happen is that you live longer and the best is that you can end up looking like her, the male version of course.

Olesya is certainly a thing of beauty, great beauty, and it begs the question about how these sensational looking women can be looking for any man let alone one overseas.

But that’s where you’re in luck because that guy could just as well be you!

Her photos are very professional and quite creative but there’s no doubting the beauty in the girl that shines through regardless of the surrounding props.

Sexy and sultry yes, but there is an innocence in her smile that can also make her look a bit like the girl next door.

Olesya lives in the city of St. Petersburg, a place of many historical buildings and gorgeous works of art, but is there anything you would rather see than this lady.

No doubt you will find it hard to take your eyes off Olesya to even glance at the many sights to see in the city.

Her favorite flower is the rose, so sending her a red rose as an opening gift would surely steal her heart. Don’t stop there! Get talking to her by email or online chat.

Open the lines of communication before some athletic, muscle bound jock gets in before you. She can cook too, so she has some ways into your inner man. Click on her photo and get started.


Profile Updated: 05/23/2016