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Sexy Cebu Teen

Name: Charity
Age: 18
City: Cebu City, Philippines
Agency: A Foreign Affair (Read Our Review)
ID#: 113467

Cebu is known as the jewel of the south in the Philippines. And Charity here is one prime example of why the city deserves that name. Not that the island was named for its beautiful girls (or maybe it was) but there's a beauty and composure that these girls carry that is uniquely Cebuana.

I shouldn't give away my preferences for one country's girls over another but, hell, why not! I'll admit I am a true Filipinaphile and consider Filipinas the sexiest, friendliest (YES!) girls in Asia, if not the world.

Charity is only 18 so probably not real worldly but if you have game and a mentor's heart, you could be her next teacher. Head on over to A Foreign Affair and check out her Extra pictures. 

Profile Updated: 05/06/2014
Tags: Cute
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