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Lovely Filipina woman for marriage
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Adorable Filipina

Name: Cherry
Age: 26
City: Manila, Philippines
Agency: Cherry Blossoms (Read Our Review)
ID#: C01929202

Cherry is an adorable 26-year old Filipina .  She writes that, "I want a harmony and understanding in my future family."  Normally, my jaded translation of that would be, "If you do what I say everything will be great," but Cherry seems like such a sweety that I don't know.

She really has a great smile. Damn!

About the only thing I can really see wrong with this girl is that she works in human resources.  Well, everybody has there faults and maybe she is just an assistant or something and yet to go completely over to the dark side. 

She has a pretty long profile over at Cherry Blossoms. She says she likes reading and badminton and she speaks good English. Check her out!

Profile Updated: 08/26/2014