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Young Chinese Hottie

Name: Qi Xing
Age: 24
City: Chongqing, China
Agency: AsianDate (Read Our Review)
ID#: 1159130

Well, it's no secret China is booming! And its success rides on the backs and brains of its young, well-educated people. 

People like Qi Xing. She's a college-educated designer. Count how many of your purchases today were made in China... who knows, one of them might have come from the creative hand of this sexy girl! 

I think designers can't help themselves; their flair for the creative comes out in all areas of their life: music, fashion, their arts interests, the whole way the live. 

If you look at a few of Qi Xing's photos you'll see what I mean. Hey, she also speaks intermediate English so don't be worried you can't communicate. Get over to Asianbeauties and check her out.


    Profile Updated: 01/19/2016