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Live Longer - Get Married!

On the International Love Scout home page we state that, "Marriage, well at least a good marriage, really is about the best thing a man can do for his health and general wellbeing."

Some guys have let us know that they just don't buy it. They believe that we are trying to spin everything to get them to sign up with one of the international dating agencies we represent.

Actually, our goal is simply to give men the information about international dating and mail order brides that the mainstream media has either overlooked or does not know exists.

However, the fact that married men are generally happier and more successful is not exactly a new flash to sociologist, psychologists, or bankers, and we believe that if guys know the facts then getting them to consider dating a hot Russian bride is not really difficult.

Of course the idea that marriage is great sounds strange to a lot of guys, especially ones that have recently been divorced, but there is a mountain of scientific evidence supporting that assertion. So, regardless of your own experience or what you hear at Waffle House, statistically it is true. A good marriage makes a man healthier and wealthier.

Don't take my word for it, check out this article where a researcher at a respected American university recently said that, Just being in a well-adjusted, long-term romantic partnership with someone may be the underlying mechanism, to men being happy. 

russian_girlA Hot Russian Bride Might Be Good For Your Heart

Yes, today in most of the world, at least in the US, Canada, Australia, and the EU, a man does not really have to get married simply to get a girl in bed. In fact, in many countries, particularly in Scandinavia, living together without getting married is almost universal; couples may get married after living together for months, years, or even decades, but many don't.

Other guys want to play the field and date around as long as they can, and for guys with the right attitude that's also not tough for a man today.

Heck, a lot of guys come to International Love Scout trying to figure out how to go about dating a stunning foreign woman. That is really cool. It's a lot of fun to be a playboy, regardless of your wealth or actual success with the ladies.

However, living with your girlfriend or hitting what you can hit have not been shown to have nearly the benefit of marriage. Really, the evidence is overwhelming.

In fact, a recent study at the University of Arizona actually suggests that getting married is better for a man's health than quitting smoking. Of course, most American men know that they have to quit smoking if they want to get married, but that's another story.

How many times have you heard doctors, newscasters, and your mom tell you that you needed to lose some weight? And everyone knows, including smokers, that smoking is horrible for you.

These are the two biggest health risks for most American men, but according to the professors from out at the University of Arizona those risks can largely be mitigated if you get married, and, amazingly, marriage maybe almost as good to your financial well-being as to your physical health.


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According to a 2007 study from the Pew Research Center the average income for married men has increased almost 60% since 1970, but the real income of unmarried men has increased only about 16%. 

Think about that for a minute. Not only is getting married good for you it can actually make you richer. Partially, this is because today most women work, but it is also probably in part married guys are less likely to bet on football, buy bass boats, or loan money to old college roommates.